The Mysterious Eye Rash Allergy Update 2020

Hello everyone! Happy 2020! Thank you for the many comments on my May 2018 post about this under-eye rash that came out of nowhere and for no apparent reason (see original post here). 

I wanted to give you a little update on my experience with the rash.  I never found out the cause, but it responds to cortisone and/or tacrolimus (see photo).  I usually go for cortisone because tacrolimus has a vaseline-like consistency — so I only like to use it at night. 


eye rash medication

These two have been a lifesaver when the rashes under my eyes return.

How often is that? Approx. three or four times a month, though I’ve noticed it happening more often in the winter months in LA. Could have to do with cold/dryness, but not sure. 

If I notice it coming back (and it came back on Jan 16th with another red patch under my left eye below the rash–see pic), I put a little cortisone on before bed. After waiting 10 mins or so, I put tacrolimus .1% on it as well.  See below pics for how it looked when I woke up on the 17th, and also how it looked after I showered/worked out and put cortisone on it. 

eye rash Jan 16 to 18 2020

Not exactly 100%, but you can see that it is considerably better within 48 hours of recurrence. 

Hope this helps anyone else still dealing with this issue! Feel free to leave comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to our posts — enter your email below!  Happy Feb!

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  1. Michele

    Thanks for the update! Glad you found something that works! I commented on the original post about my daughter having a rash that appeared identical to yours. She hasn’t had any recurrence to date, praise God! The hydrocortisone cream you suggested helped hers heal within 3 days ????

  2. Manda

    I tried many things, including antibiotics and different creams .. even had a biopsy! It turned out to just be “atopic dermatitis” It kind of comes and goes, though doesn’t ever seem to disappear completely, just get slightly better at times and flares up really bad other times. It’s peri-orbital, so it could be around the mouth, but luckily since it’s around me eyes I can hide it a bit with my glasses..

  3. Evie

    Any thoughts if it is dermatomyocitis? Any doctors consider this yet? Seems that a chronic heliotrope rash is a symptom.

  4. Aimee

    My 1 year old son has this exact rash under his eyes. It started under one eye (a little dot or so) and gradually showed up under both eyes, very heavily. People are starting to think he has black or bruised eyes. I’m going to try the hydrocortisone cream in hopes that he will be relieved from the dry patches under his eyes. This is literally the only article I found helpful on the internet. I’m glad I found it. I would normally take him to the doctor, but with all the sick people and virus cases… right now is not the time. Thank you for showing how much the cream helped you out.

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comment! I hope the hydrocortisone clears it up.

  5. Gurdeep

    I’m a 35 year old male and suffering from the same symptoms as I pictures. Applying hydrocortisone 1% now. Athletic, no allergies, always outdoors; completely clueless how this came about.

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