Doing good vs. doing well, Moot vs. Mute, and another EMBARRASSING Story everybody!  A few videos ago I talked about common mistakes I see in English writing.Here is one of them: is a second one: The thing is, some people see these videos and say "I could care less about my writing, as long as people get what I mean."Let's stop right there.You could care less? Don't you mean "I couldn't care less?"Because if you could care less, it means that you do least a little bit. Because…

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Writing: 10 Words That Even Native English Speakers Get WRONG Hey everybody!  I decided to begin this week's video with a story to help you get to know me a little better before we all get super intimate. You, me, and your English writing, that is.When I was in fourth grade, I won the school spelling bee. For the WHOLE SCHOOL. Yes, that means I beat out the 5th and 6th graders to represent Waynewood Elementary at the preliminary regionals. Mind you, I was…

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Hey everybody! I hope you're all enjoying your summer vacations and excited to get back to school, if that's where you're headed! First off, Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your support of our new books! We're so happy you like them! Secondly, don't forget to reach out to us if you have any editing projects--we normally get a lot of editing requests during the fall from students who want our services…

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Convict vs. Convince

The other day I got a message from someone who wanted me to get In-N-Out burger to come to Saudi Arabia. They wrote "if you can convict them" - I couldn't help but laugh out loud....and take a screenshot ;) Although we spell them almost the same -- they mean very different things. Convince: (a verb) means "to make someone believe, or feel sure about something, especially by using logic, argument or evidence." Convict (also…

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The books are here!

Yes, that's right! We are shipping out your orders and grateful for the feedback about our books! Hope you have as much fun reading them/practicing in them as we had writing them!Note: we currently ship all over the USA! American Slang: The Workbook $10.00 Add to cart Al3meeya Al Extended - American Slang Extended $25.00 Add to cart Al3meeya Al Extended & Al3meeya: The Workbook Combo! Sale! $30.00 $20.00 Add to cart

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The word متحيز in English

Good question! So in English there are a couple options -- you can say "I'm biased toward...." or "I'm partial to..." - note that you can also use these words to mean you really like something (i.e. "I'm partial to green tea ice cream"). Here are some more examples: "That story is inaccurate and biased!  Don't pretend you're telling the truth!" "The judge should not be partial toward either side." / "A referee should not…

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Caught off guard

Yesterday's question: If something catches you off guard, it means that you didn't expect it.  You were surprised/you didn't see it coming. Examples from the web: He's got a lot of tricky moves, so make sure he doesn't catch you off guard! The soldiers moved in quickly,hoping to catch the enemy troops off guard. I think I caught him off guard when I told him I was resigning.

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You busy? vs. Are you busy?

Good question! People sometimes say "you busy?" to mean "Are you busy?" in spoken English, sometimes a few words are shortened/omitted to get one's meaning across faster! Here are a few examples (we call them "contractions"): wouldn't (would + not) can't (can + not) haven't (have + not) should've (should + have) she's (she + is) he'd (he + would) gonna (going + to) lemme (let + me) kinda (kind + of) dunno (don't +…

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App update is out!

What's New? We've added over 300 words/phrases, with sound and examples for each (for a total of 1620 words/phrases!) Update includes an app makeover (check out our new custom art!), option for English main menu, and a "Notes" section where you can add/save your own notes inside the app.   Last but not least: a few bug fixes. أضفنا أكثر من ٣٠٠ كلمة و عبارة، مع الصوت ومثال لكل عبارة وكلمة (يحتوي التطبيق حالياً على…

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