Thanks for coming to our first Arabic-English Exchange MeetUp!

Our first Meetup event was last Saturday, January 18th at Layali Cafe/Marsa Restaurant & Shisha on Wilshire (or as one of my friends calls it, "Wilshrine"). The crew at our Arabic-English Language Exchange! According to the group page, we had 15 RSVPs. Expecting only half to show up, I asked the restaurant to prep a table for 8. I remember walking in at 5:50pm and seeing 5 people already sitting down. Tbh I was a…

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Your 5 Most-Requested Translations for Arabic Tattoos

We posted a Youtube video a few months ago on general advice for Arabic tattoos.  I was happy to see many responses from people regarding their own ideas for Arabic tattoos, and replying to your comments has been both fun and gratifying. One of the comments read (below, in Arabic): "The Westerners get so many dumb tattoos" Well, I'm not sure I would put it that way...kindness is a choice though, I guess. Here are…

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