The books are here!

Yes, that's right! We are shipping out your orders and grateful for the feedback about our books! Hope you have as much fun reading them/practicing in them as we had writing them!Note: we currently ship all over the USA! American Slang: The Workbook $10.00 Add to cart Al3meeya Al Extended - American Slang Extended $25.00 Add to cart Al3meeya Al Extended & Al3meeya: The Workbook Combo! Sale! $30.00 $20.00 Add to cart

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New Video – Our Interview with Yan Fan at Code Chrysalis!

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Hey! Super psyched to announce our newest video! I was so lucky to be in Tokyo two months ago where I met up with Yan Fan at Code Chrysalis! She shares a bit about her background, how she started her company, and some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs! Hope you enjoy it!

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The word متحيز in English

Good question! So in English there are a couple options -- you can say "I'm biased toward...." or "I'm partial to..." - note that you can also use these words to mean you really like something (i.e. "I'm partial to green tea ice cream"). Here are some more examples: "That story is inaccurate and biased!  Don't pretend you're telling the truth!" "The judge should not be partial toward either side." / "A referee should not…

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Caught off guard

Yesterday's question: If something catches you off guard, it means that you didn't expect it.  You were surprised/you didn't see it coming. Examples from the web: He's got a lot of tricky moves, so make sure he doesn't catch you off guard! The soldiers moved in quickly,hoping to catch the enemy troops off guard. I think I caught him off guard when I told him I was resigning.

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You busy? vs. Are you busy?

Good question! People sometimes say "you busy?" to mean "Are you busy?" in spoken English, sometimes a few words are shortened/omitted to get one's meaning across faster! Here are a few examples (we call them "contractions"): wouldn't (would + not) can't (can + not) haven't (have + not) should've (should + have) she's (she + is) he'd (he + would) gonna (going + to) lemme (let + me) kinda (kind + of) dunno (don't +…

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App update is out!

What's New? We've added over 300 words/phrases, with sound and examples for each (for a total of 1620 words/phrases!) Update includes an app makeover (check out our new custom art!), option for English main menu, and a "Notes" section where you can add/save your own notes inside the app.   Last but not least: a few bug fixes. أضفنا أكثر من ٣٠٠ كلمة و عبارة، مع الصوت ومثال لكل عبارة وكلمة (يحتوي التطبيق حالياً على…

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RBF – or BRF…Bitch Resting Face

So...I laughed when I got this question! I had heard of something called "BRF" a few years ago, but most people say "RBF"? Go figure. I spoke about it on Snapchat yesterday -- basically, it means...well, I'll let Huff Post tell you: "Resting Bitch Face, or RBF for short, is an increasingly rife cultural advent describing a facial expression, or lack thereof, conveying a particular mix of irritation, judgment, or boredom." Yes, I've had experiences where…

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The Mysterious Eye Rash…Allergy?

Hello! As some of you may know from my Snapchat, I have recently recovered from a strange under-eye rash that had been bothering me since the end of February.  It started out small, only under one eye, and then it spread to both eyes.  My vision/ eyes were not affected whatsoever--just the skin underneath them (lower eyelids). While trying to figure out a cure, I went searching the internet and only found a couple of…

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