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You busy? vs. Are you busy?

Good question! People sometimes say "you busy?" to mean "Are you busy?" in spoken English, sometimes a few words are shortened/omitted to get one's meaning across faster! Here are a few examples (we call them "contractions"): wouldn't (would + not) can't (can + not) haven't (have + not) should've (should + have) she's (she + [...]
App update is out!

App update is out!

What's New? We've added over 300 words/phrases, with sound and examples for each (for a total of 1620 words/phrases!) Update includes an app makeover (check out our new custom art!), option for English main menu, and a "Notes" section where you can add/save your own notes inside the app.   Last but not least: a [...]

Learning is hard work, but everything you learn is yours.

Eloquent Javascript

RBF – or BRF…Bitch Resting Face

So...I laughed when I got this question! I had heard of something called "BRF" a few years ago, but most people say "RBF"? Go figure. I spoke about it on Snapchat yesterday -- basically, it means...well, I'll let Huff Post tell you: "Resting Bitch Face, or RBF for short, is an increasingly rife cultural advent describing [...]
The Mysterious Eye Rash…Allergy?

The Mysterious Eye Rash…Allergy?

Hello! As some of you may know from my Snapchat, I have recently recovered from a strange under-eye rash that had been bothering me since the end of February.  It started out small, only under one eye, and then it spread to both eyes.  My vision/ eyes were not affected whatsoever--just the skin underneath them [...]

Hang out vs. hung out

What is the difference between "hang out" and hung out"? Good question! So, one is in the present tense and the other is past tense. If I say "let's hang out" -- it is referring to now / or some time in the future (let us spend time together) If I say, "we hung out" [...]
A plane ride away…

A plane ride away…

Today's question (based on the below image): What does it mean to be a "plane ride away"? If I'm in LA and my friend is in Tokyo, we are just a plane ride away from each other...meaning that one of us could get on a plane and see the other person. She says this is [...]

If you’re working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you.

Steve Jobs

Hear vs. here

Just a little reminder-- we pronounce "hear" the same as "here" but they mean different things. I hear you = I hear you, but it can also mean "I understand you" / I feel for your situation. Here -- refers to a location (real or imaginary, or "here" in the present) Hope this helps!   [...]

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

Sun Tzu