Welcome! اهلاً وسهلاً So, what is "lahjaty"?
In Arabic it means "my dialect."

At Lahjaty, we’re passionate about learning and self-expression. We offer English-learning materials and resources for native Arabic speakers, as well as resources for native English speakers looking to learn Arabic!

We believe that education is empowering–when you have the right tools, you can express yourself more freely.
Don’t just speak a dialect, speak your dialect!

Who are we?

Shannon Maher is a translator, interpreter, and media professional in Houston, Texas.  She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and graduated valedictorian of West Potomac High School in Fairfax County.  In 2010, she graduated cum laude from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  She moved to Dubai shortly after graduation and lived as an expat for seven years.  While working for Middle East Broadcasting Networks, LLC (MBC Group), she learned Arabic to fluency and acted in primetime Arabic TV series including Wifi and Selfie.  In 2016 she co-hosted the primetime Arabic talk show “Washwasha Chat” (وشوشه تشات) on Dubai TV.  She began teaching English to native Arabic speakers in 2014 with her Youtube channel‘s first series, “American Slang with Shannon.” The initiative grew into a series of books, apps, and other services. She returned to LA in 2017 and formed Lahjaty, Inc. while working with the City of Santa Monica. 

Mahmoud Shoumal is a translator and editor from Hama, Syria.  He worked with MBC as a cameraman and video editor for five years before being recruited to work for an LA-based media company in 2013, and Lahjaty in 2017.  After six years in LA, he relocated to Canada due to the political climate but continues to provide invaluable services as part of the Lahjaty family. 

Hana Abdulaziz is a writer and calligrapher from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She is currently a master’s student at King Saud University. She has won numerous awards for her talent and skill in calligraphy, and she continues to practice her love of the art by completing Arabic calligraphy projects as part of her work at Lahjaty.

Moe Ali is a graphic designer, artist, and sculptor from Amman, Jordan. He graduated from Applied Science University in Jordan with honors in Art and Design. He worked with leading advertising agencies in Jordan before relocating to Los Angeles in 2016.