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  • we are lucky af to have color photos!
 #grateful ❤️🙏🏼
  • Happy #mothersday ❤️
  • Beyond #excited about the update to our app #العامية_الامريكية 
#lahjaty @lahjaty !! Thank you so much for all the support & love ❤️🙏🏼
Link is in bio ❤️
  • So fortunate ❤️ thank you for the people, the experiences, the challenges, the days I barely made an inch of progress—all worth it.  And things keep getting better🙏🏼 Some days I feel like progress is too slow, but then i look back & see how far I’ve come from just one year ago and I’m like dayum grrl 💪🏽 here’s to my first year in the City of Angels

#Repost @lahjaty ・・・
#grateful #fridayinspiration #Lahjaty #تعلم_الانجليزية
  • It says “Petra- the pink city”
But in Arabic we don’t have a “p” — it’s actually “al betra’
Be-tra’ — don’t forget the hamza ء !!! #بتراء #بترا #petra 
#tbt #learnarabic
  • Me showin y’all how it’s done 😜 #likeaboss #puttputtgolf


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You busy? vs. Are you busy?

Good question! People sometimes say "you busy?" to mean "Are you
App update is out!

App update is out!

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