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  • #spotted today in #santamonica 🙏🏼😍 #doublerainbow 
Have an Amazing weekend everyone!!!
  • Takin’ a leap of faith ❤️#petra 🙏🏼 #tbt #jordan 
إننا نتردّد باستمرار. هذه هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي تجعلنا نمضي إلى الأمام. ومع كلّ خطوة جديدة، نزداد قرباً من الحقيقة.
  • When you get caught red-handed 😆 
about to drink Japanese holy water 
@tofyamr thx for the pic! 😘
  • SO true! 👏🏼 #Repost @womenagainstnegativetalk with @get_repost
Oh wow. As @glennondoyle said when she posted this, we find this to be true, like, 100% of the time. #womenagainstnegativetalk #WANTyourself #regram @mrsjaeh
  • 2 important things today:
1) Happy Birthday to the amazing @basselst انت عبقري 
Thank you for your presence in my life & so happy for your new family member 😍
2) #happywomensday to everyone!!! ❤️ I’m so grateful & fortunate to have amazing women in my life, esp @mitchf3 ❤️💋😘 love you 
Have a great #tbt Thursday everyone!!
  • Aw thank you!!! #احبكم 
AnisaAmrekeeya عارفة ان الإسم طويل لكن ماني مستعدة اني اغيره 💋


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