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  • Me in the morning vs. late afternoon 😆😂 #deadsea #jordan
  • Yes, another #grandcanyon pic 😍 #nofilter *sigh* 
The only drawback of our 21-mile hike is that there wasn’t enough time to properly take in all the wow😍🙈 be back soon fo sho
  • Yesterday’s hike was 😍👏🏼 21 miles! Something I’d wanted to do for some time.  Started around 7am, finished around 5pm.  Long af day & sore, but worth it!! Thanks @abdulalamro for toughing it out w/me! #grandcanyon #arizona #hiking
  • Yesterday was incredible! Will share more pics soon!!
  • First time in #sedona ❤️ def not gonna be the last 😍
  • In honor of your bday @mitchf3 😉❤️💋 here are some of my fave vids 
Luv ya & can’t wait to see u again soon!! Hope your bday is the BEST — well, as good as you can have w/out me there obvi 😁💋❤️


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Check out our new book intro video!

Check out our new book intro video!

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The other day I got a message from someone who wanted

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