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Al-Otaibi Dialect with Dr. Wafa Al-Otaibi! اللهجة العتيبية

Let’s chat about another Saudi dialect! Hello everyone! As some of you may know, my Arabic nickname is “Hessah Al-Otaibi” (حصة العتيبي).In this video, we chat about nuances that set apart Al-Otaibi “dialect” from other Najdi dialects of Arabic. For those of you new to Arabic–know that there are many, many different dialects and “Najdi” refers […]

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Eastern Saudi Dialect with Khaled! اللهجة الشرقاوية

Let’s chat about Saudi dialects! Hello everyone!   Happy Friday! I was fortunate to sit down with my friend Khaled for another chat — this time about a particular Saudi dialect- Sharqawi (اللهجة الشرقاوية). As some of you know, there are many, many different Arabic dialects. Even within a single country you’re likely to find multiple […]

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