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What I Wish I’d Known 15 Years Ago about Skincare

Hey everybody!  I’ll start by saying that it’s taken me a while to get to a place where I feel comfortable talking about my skincare…15 years ago I was SUPER self-conscious and embarrassed about my skin. I would wash my face twice a day and do all the things I thought you’re supposed to do…but […]

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Austin TX Best city to live in

Ranked #1 Best City for 3 Years in A Row? My First Trip to Austin

Hey everybody, I recently returned from my first trip to Austin. A bit of background reading: Austin, Texas was rated #1 US City to live in for three years in a row according to US News and World Report. I noticed that this was for 2017-2019 (it looks like they didn’t do a 2020 ranking…probably because of…a […]

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#tbt ❤️ Walking around #Boston Oct 2016 when my gf sent me this from #Dubai 🙈 felt so happy/overwhelmed/excited that I didn't know what to do...for a minute. I walked back to the @Sephora in Prudential Center & supported my fave businesses 😂 #citywalk
#myfaceishuge #dubaiTV