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  • I love #japan 🇯🇵😂 after the doggie photoshoot they actually said “arigato go zai mas”/thank you so much - to the dogs 😂❤️ #cuteaf
  • Me in Japan w/ homegirl @tofyamr ❤️😘 لعلمكم: شرح لكلمة "هوم-قرل" موجود في الصورة فوق
  • Miss my #bff 🤗 aking kapatid na panget
Grateful ur in my life💋 
See u soon!!
  • Gonna miss #tokyo ❤️ met so many awesome ppl & had a blast!! Thx @tofyamr for the pic
  • If your tie is around your head & you ‘bout to paint the walls: don’t expect to be allowed in to the Oedo onsen

#oedoonsen #ilovejapan 
  • Saw a sign with this text today in #harajuku #tokyo 
The photo was taken in #imperialpalacegardens 😍❤️ #nofilter


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Lahjaty News

A plane ride away…

A plane ride away…

Today's question (based on the below image): What does it mean

Steve Jobs

If you're working on something that you really care about, you

Hear vs. here

Just a little reminder-- we pronounce "hear" the same as "here"

Elizabeth Shannon on IMDB: