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  • 2 years ago today I was in #maldives ❤️ amazing how much that trip changed my life! الحياة جميلة❤️ traveling there solo wasn’t so bad either🤗 got to learn a lot more about myself xx
  • Ahem...😴
  • My reaction to the fact that clouds & rain are forecasted for the next 7 days or so 😣😒stay dry loves. 
ما احب المطر لكني اعشق الورود ❤️
  • Beautiful podcast by two beautiful people! Made my evening. Thank you @cherylstrayed @oprah @supersoul #supersoulconversations كلام ملهم جداً
  • First hike of 2019 💪🏽 you know I love a challenge.  #MtWilson was awesome— thanks to a great hiking group & lots of layers. #hiking #hikingadventures
  • We hv too much fun ❤️☺️ happy Friday xx


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Thanksgiving Note

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! We are grateful every day for all


Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent

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