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Want to Learn Arabic? Tips for Beginners

Thinking about learning Arabic? Watch this first! Hello, I recently decided to check around Youtube for videos on learning Arabic. I found a lot of clickbait and not a lot of substance…I’m sure there’s good stuff out there, but I was so turned off by what I found that I stopped looking and filmed this video. […]

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Acting in the Middle East vs. USA – التمثيل في أمريكا والخليج

4 Years Ago, some Snaps I did went viral. من 4 سنوات، سويت سنابات عن شيء والموضوع انتشر بشكل كبير It was crazy–I’d never been attacked so much for talking about something. شيء غريب — عمري ما شفت انتقاد مثل اللي شفته خلال الفترة بعد ما انتشرت السنابات In hindsight, I feel it may have been because […]

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