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Pranked my Nephew: Halloween in Houston

Halloween in Houston 2020 was not what I expected… It was much better! First — for those of you watching the video, you’ll see the promo I did for Ana Luisa jewelry Black Friday — thank you AL NY! Love my new bling. Remember to check them out via the link in the Description box […]

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Hollywood gets wrong about Arabs

What Hollywood gets WRONG about Arabs, The Middle East, and Arabic

I had no intention of making a video about this topic until 20 minutes before I started filming… No really. I’m serious. There I was, in front of the mirror finishing up my makeup, thinking “today I’ll film my Q&A about relationships” — backstory: there’s a list of 12 questions that I had written for […]

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Lake Tahoe Mt Tallac

First Time in Lake Tahoe: Hiking Mt. Tallac

My first trip to Lake Tahoe happened in mid-September, the same time as the fires in the Bay area (then again, I’m struggling to remember a summer/fall without fires in California…)!  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to leave LA for a few days and stay in a house in South Lake Tahoe. That […]

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