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  • 😜 حركاات
  • It’s that time again— fall clothes😍🎃 check out SumaSK on for these and more! They ship all over the US! #ad #sponsored
  • Thank you for all the love every day❤️ ^ahem, photo depicts what addiction looks like^^ 😅📲
  • I had an experience on Friday that forced me to take a hard look at my own beliefs and values when it comes to success and friendships.  Yeah, it was a painful reminder to seek out more positivity and not try to change negative people— people must want to change! Better to let go of the weight so you fly higher.
  • Yes, I have the coolest friends ❤️🙏🏼 thank you كل مرة اشوفها ابتسم — انت فنان يا محمد
  • It’s October, let’s call the exorcist 
#petra #thelostcityofpetra


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Check out our new book intro video!

Check out our new book intro video!

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